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I am a Professor of Behavioural Science, and the Director of the Behavioural Research Centre (BRC) at the University of Huddersfield. My theoretical, empirical and applied research in Behavioural Science (judgements and decision making, behavioural forecasting, risk preferences and moral behaviour) explores the influence on/and of Behaviour regardless of the type of behavioural agency (humans, organisations and artificial intelligence), employing experimental research methods and data analysis techniques.

Behavioural Research Centre

The Behavioural Research Centre (BRC) is dedicated to conducting, advancing and applying behavioural research. At the BRC we develop and implement cutting edge science to support businesses and policymakers to understand, predict and manage behavioural challenges successfully.

The BRC initiates original interdisciplinary research both within the University and with external collaborators and partners. The BRC includes researchers with backgrounds in behavioural science, management, marketing, economics, logistics, law, psychology, computing and artificial intelligence. The research expertise of the members spans quantitative and qualitative research methods, experimental science, psychometric and agent-based modelling, as well as behavioural model development and testing.

Professor Petko Kusev
The University of Huddersfield